my whole being is lost in time, my whole being is lost in space
the decisions that I make, I hope they never wane
what good is it if my mind shuts, just when the door opens
leaving me restless and hopeless, because of my inability to stay patient

they say grit is not enough, and that vision is the key
are we all chasing after the image, of the wind and the sea?
leaving us breathless for what is destined to come
joining in the chorus of not two, not three, but many

“the crowd is untruth” and that is all I see
on the face of one, multiplies many
a wink of an eye, and a blink of an eye; all but one
but one, but one stands alone

all entities submerge into one
insanity ensues and chaos reigns
little by little, subdued by the calming rain
destined to fall, destined to die,
is that really a man’s great gain?

Valerie Lam

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