Oh Bee!

Oh bee!, why did you sing to me?
Oh my, why did I let you sting!
The garden you’re living in
– is beautiful
But it wasn’t for me, or it still is…
and will always be
I want you in my garden,
but it cannot be.
Such tender wings, so fragile to hold.
But, it’s so hard to set you free.
Oh, bee!, Why me!?

Little bee, I let you free.
Go fly and free, free fly and free
Grace more flowers, grace other bees
My garden’s been graced.

Oh bee, you’ll never be free,
I’ve carved you in my garden,
I’ve painted you on the flower Little bee,
god bless thee, little bee, blessed thee.

Bhuwan Kafley
About the Writer:  https://www.facebook.com/bhuwan.zacks

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