I was on an island born exactly when I do not know
Though 16 December’s a guess it was forty-one years ago
But heck let’s celebrate my birthday today anyway
Bring out the wine, play the music, party all the way

So much joy and fun I had these forty-one years
Through ups and downs never mind the tears
But best of all is the women – sex’s the thing
If you don’t have it that’s a lot you are missing
You will not believe – my Ferrari speed
That’s how fast I charm women with me to sleep
Durian, nangka, langsat why stick to one type
Love, marriage, fidelity – they are pure hype

But before I grow old
And my moves be less bold
I would like for my birthday to wish
Lots of money so that I’ll be forever rich
And a woman – she must have looks to kill
Smart, cheerful, must share my interests too
A woman who’d suit me to a T
Happy Birthday to me


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