No stones left unturned,
Chasing the Chase
That’s bound to trip by the curb for me,
Every damn time!
Slicing up throuh splits
That sticks back to its form like those bound by unicorn shit.
Wait for me to make my move.
This rushoff – I refuse to comprehend.
Danced around and broke my legs
So I stomp on the ground!
With loud thuds!
With distress!
With frustration!
Oh! Do I care what they think?
Yes, I did last night.

Take my hands as fists ah ha ha!
Cause my arms been folded since today,
Oh! Do, I care ?  Fuck no, I don’t.
For this tale do not have Khalesi nor Kylie,
So fk you, fk her, fk everyhing else.
Time and patience I have none to spare.
Aphrodite is a fucking lie
And Cupids a bitch.
I might be faded but you’re just dead heat with lots of faces.

Sonam Dendup
About the Writer:

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